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Heritage as A Nation's Identity

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    Nations always trying to post their unique image towards the world, and heritage has been used for centuries as a means.  Heritage, either tangible or intangible and identity have multi-faceted interaction (Shaw, 2009). Heritage shared iconic and material form of nation. Moreover, heritage is not only about tangible artifacts or intangible type of the past, but also the meanings sited upon the heritage and the image which are formed from them (Moore-Cherry and Whelan, 2007). Identity refers not only heritage but also language, religion; nationalism and common understanding of the past which can be used to build story that identify communities from the rest of the world (Shaw, 2009). Heritage antiquity depicts one’s nation assistor’s lifestyle and it continuity to the present days. In a way that, society can construct their iconic sites(geography of heritage) in order to fulfill their need for linkage between the present and past in an uninterrupted way. Heritage can be used as a resource to shape cultural, political and economic concerns of the present generation (Shaw, 2009).  National heritage strengthen nationwide identification, combat arguments of other nations upon its land or people (Graham, Ashworth and Tunbridge, 2000). Beside the uses of heritages as nation identity, it has also universal significance while constricting world’s history at large (Shaw, 2009). From my own experience, my home country, Ethiopia, has a 3000 years history and we managed to keep its continuity through nation’s heritage which has contracted in the past three centuries. Heritages can be used as a springboard to start nation’s history and to trace back to nations origin (Shaw, 2009).     




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    Dinberu Tamire

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