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To create links

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    You can create internal links to other pages in the course's wiki, and also external links to web sites on the Internet.


    Internal link  


    1. Make sure that you are on the page that you want to create the link (and not on the page you want to link to).

    2. Choose "Edit page".

    3. Select the word(s) in the text that will be the clickable link. Then click on the icon that looks like a globe with a small chain in the toolbar above the text you write.

    4. Now you will see the dialog "Update link". This have two functions, "Search" and "Browse". "Browse" is often to prefer as it is easier to use.

    5. You can now see four navigation tools to the left. Click on the second one from the top (a paper sheet: "Go to current page") to navigate to the current page. Then you can see all pages under the current page in the left column. With the blue arrow, you can browse up in the tree of web pages in the wiki if you need to.

    6. Click on the page you want to link to. The path to the page will now be shown in the field "Link to".

    7. Choose "update link".

    Extern länk  


    1.   Follow the instructions 1-3 above.

    2.   In the field ”Link to”, write the http-address to the web page you want to link to (it's easiest to open the web page and copy the http-address from the address bar. 

    3.   Choose "update link".

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