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Seminar 2 Geography of the heritage

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    This seminar reflects the content of the following title: ‘Geography of heritage: Heritage and national identity; Multicultural Heritage; Managing national/local heritage; Global claim?”


    Some questions that would help to guide you through the suggested reading:


    In the context of tourism what is heritage able to do? What is ‘museumification’? Who are heritage products produced for? What are the direct benefits of heritage locations? What is a political motivation for a country to gain world heritage status? What is an obvious role of heritage from a nation’s perspective? 


    What to do?

    • Read suggested articles (to be found in the Student book on Fronter KG3012).
    • Find two issues that could relate to the questions posed for this seminar and write a short essay concerning them. Again use 12 Times New Roman, 1,15 line spacing, text should be no longer 1,5 page. Use references to the literature sources. In case some of you feel limited to the Jurnal of Heritage Tourism, you could also look up any other journals like Journal of Heritage Studies, etc.
    • Upload one of the issues you find especially interesting to dicuss with others on Wiki. Make a headline first and than upload a content of your reflection to the topic.
    • Try to come as close as possible to why do we talk about 'Geography of heritage'?
    • FInally, make at least two comments to the texts written by your classmates from the other group (Group 1 makes commens onto the work Group 2 did and vsv.) by the 25 November.



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