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Seminar 1 Cultural and natural World Heritage sites

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    This seminar and texts that you will be writing will be devoted the theme of  World Heritage Sites (WHS) and their importance for the nation: current stage of development and managerial issues. For the seminar, you will be divided into two groups. 


    What should be done?

    ·        First, you will have to get more information from the UNESCO homepage on what the concept of World Heritage means?

    ·        Pick the two of your country’s most famous World Heritage sites (preferably representing cultural or natural heritage, there could be mixed once too). By the seminar on the 14 November we will have to fill in this page with the information!

    ·        Write (individually) and upload a short description (1/2 page long, 1,15 line spacing, normal margins, 12 Times New Roman) on what are those sites represent and why are they important for the humankind. Always refer to the sources you are using in the text (Using Harvard or APA referencing system). Do not forget the reference list in the end!

    ·        Additionally you will have to reflect what are your country's WHS major managerial challenges could be? Use the tsugested reading in order to learn more about the challenges in different countries. What do you think the major problems for the sites that you chose for your description? Add this text to the descriptions of the cultural and natural WHS and mark it as 'Managerial challenges"

    ·        When you write your texts think of your audience, the people who will be reading your text. This means that you have to be inventive when writing it and make your story exciting, interesting to learn more. Use other sources than Internet, I encourage you to use references to your course literature if applicable. If you have experienced the sites yoursel than mention it in the reference list.


    • Last, but not least! As a part of this exersice you will have to submitt at least TWO COMMENTS to somebody's work.  For example, that the text seem to be too official or difficult to comprehend. Than you have to give a suggestion on how to improve it. The person who gets a comment has to respond. It is a requirement for this seminar.


    Suggested reading:

    Aas, C., Ladkin, A., Fletcher, J. (2005). Stakeholder Collaboration and Heritage Management. Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 32, No. 1, pp. 28-48.

    Cassel Heldt S. and Pashkevich A. (2011). Heritage Tourism and Inherited Institutional Structures: The Case of Falun Great Copper Mountain. Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism, 11: 1, 54 — 75

    Heldt Cassel, A. & Pashkevich, A. (2013). World heritage and Tourism Innovation: Institutional Frameworks and Local Adaptation. European Planning Studies. Link to the article:


    Important to remember! The assignment has to be presented on the seminar on 14 November. You will have to present only ONE OF your two cases infront of your Seminar group on the 14 November. It has to be only 5 minutes long (in case you want to use PPpoint we need to upload them before the seminar begins). Final deadline for the completion of two comments to your classmates texts is the 16 November. 

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