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Introduction to Tourism and Destination Development (TR1015)

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    We can't upload our Wiki. The link "New page" is not available for us to click on.
    Posted 17:40, 22 Oct 2015
    Hi Fia, click on 'My Page' on the top left corner, and then you'll have the option to select New page.
    Posted 22:14, 22 Oct 2015
    make sure that you have loged in (top right corner) with your University login
    Posted 06:31, 23 Oct 2015
    When clicking on "Wiki - Article 1", we are not able to upload the article as the button "New Page" is not available. Our Group 10, just uploaded the Wiki on My Pages of "h15katsc - Katharina Schmidt". I hope you will find it.

    Best regards,
    Group 10
    Posted 08:14, 23 Oct 2015
    Group 3 also uploaded the wiki on My Pages of "h15frduo".
    Posted 08:53, 23 Oct 2015
    I tried to fix it. Can you try again and see if it works?
    Posted 10:22, 23 Oct 2015
    No it still does not work.
    Posted 11:46, 23 Oct 2015
    Sorry for this inconvenience. I am trying to fix it and I will notify when ready
    Posted 14:27, 23 Oct 2015
    Hi all
    I would like first to apologize for this inconvenience.
    Hopefully the problem is fixed now and I would kindly ask you to upload your wiki articles on the respective folder. DO not forget to mention the group’s number and the discipline you are working with on the page name
    Posted 14:59, 23 Oct 2015
    Viewing 9 of 9 comments: view all
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